Current projects

Autonomous is currently partner in three public-private partnerships


Smart Production

Smart Production Engaging Industry 4.0 NordVest Smart Production Autonomous coordinate the large-scale initiative: NordVest Smart Production  : A northwestern approach to digital production. Transitioning [...]



Exo-skeletons - for the ups and downs in life Brief An EXO-skeleton is a robotic construction mounted outside  (exo) the body, supporting or enhancing [...]

Are you part of our next project?

We e are constantly searching for technologies and ideas for our next projects, and we typically have 3-5 new projects in our pipeline at any given time. Maybe you or your company have an idea worth pursuing with us?

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3 filters for project selection

When considering new areas to work in, we always apply these three filters

Globally interesting

We focus on technologies and ideas that are globally interesting – or potentially so

Locally relevant

Projects must also be locally relevant, typically through local partnerships. This means that the project will utilize local mindset and ressources


Further, projects should be of importance to many. They should hold a significant promise for society.Endelig skal projekter være interessante for mange. Dvs. der skal være et betydelige samfundspotentiale.